Introducing Reactions and discussions


If you are trying something new, it’s a bit tough to take the decision. Taking right decisions are most important in one’s life in each aspects.


To help you better in selecting dishes while using Foodinger, We are introducing discussions feature for each dishes. If you have ordered a dish, you can comment or discuss whatever you want to. It will help both us and other users to understand better about the particular dish.


Why is it important for us?

There are more than hundreds of Restaurants in our city Raipur, so what the big difference one more Restaurant will make. That is what we are trying to achieve through our vision.


           Everyone should get the quality they deserve irrespective of their budget.


We are not still at that vision completely yet, but already started to walk onto that path. We use one of the highest quality raw materials, keep low selling price keeping low margins and always freshly prepare each dishes as the order arrives. This is not just a business but an initiative for us to improve the quality of food everyone have whether he lives out of his home city or not. And to achieve that we need each of your comments for our each dishes, so that we can use your suggestions to either improve more for that dish or remove it from the menu.

There would be possibility that we would commit some mistake while preparing some dishes and would not be able to match the quality you are expecting, in that case your comments will help us to look into it with extreme sincerity.

P.S. –  So, Keep Ordering and Keep Commenting.



In addition to discussions, we are also adding five reactions under each dishes to understand which one needs immediate attention



Yum, if you think our quality and taste is best in Raipur

Angry, if you think we should better change the dish or just remove it.


Show your emotions, we promise to get yum from each one of you.




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