Are you a foodie? Let’s find out

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Are you a foodie?

You’ll see a list of quizzes to tell you whether you are a foodie or not.


Are those quizzes able to find out whether you are a foodie or not. Hell NO!


So Let’s find out “Are you a foodie, and how proud are you on that?”

A foodie can hear many words in their daily life like

  • bhukhad
  • kitna khaayega
  • Din bhar khaata rehta hai
  • Moti/Mota
  • Pura tu hi khaa le
  • Bhaiya khana uske saamne mat rakhna, saara khaa jaayega

So, first trait that you are a foodie,

The words similar to above never bothers you and you keep enjoying that taste, that feel, that essence, that indulgence, mmmmm….. 



Second trait,

You can tell whether a food is tasty or not without actually eating it , either by it’s appearance or smell or anything else.




You’ll always complain about the taste of food,

“ye achcha nahi hai, wo achcha nahi hai. Ismein thoda sa ye mila do, to ye mast ho jaayega”,  You got it…

These are not because of your complaining nature, It’s because you just want the food to be perfect, You actually wants to kill someone who messes up with your food, because YOU JUST LOVE.


Fourth trait

You have tried each new restaurant of the city, just to find your that LOVE  (Yummmmm…)



and Fifth, The last one.

You are encyclopedia of foods

You have every possible knowledge about dishes, ingredients, health benefits of a particular food, taste of a dish, and what not. You are just “Antaryami


So, If you are a foodie, be proud and Happy Eating


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