Why do we Love Free (and probably you should, too!) ?


We come across so many offers every now and then, but they actually end up fooling us!! Like buy 1 get 1 (but the price of the first one is so high, that you are actually paying for both) 50% off (aargh!! They fool like anything) and so many offers like that…

But the satisfaction which you get when something’s for free is just out of the world!! That is something which is an EYE OPENING word for sure…When asked to choose between a free product or a dramatically discounted product, the vast majority will opt for the item that is free, even if it isn’t objectively the best deal.There’s extra satisfaction knowing you don’t have to dole out anything, like it comes to you. And sometimes FREE! gives us such an emotional charge that we perceive what is being offered as immensely more valuable than it really is.

And also there comes a thing where people pay for something, and it gives those a sense of accomplishment, pride, and ownership, meaning they’ll value the goods or services more and complain less.
But when you pay your hard-earned cash for something, you’re taking a risk. You might not like what you get, in which case you’d actually lose money. And who likes losing money? When an item is free, it’s perceived as having a higher value because it doesn’t come with that risk.
But , what if you get something for absolutely free, that too for lifetime..who wouldn’t love that!! Yes, this can happen with you too, we have this offer in our amazing ongoing campaign #TGFF wherein you will accumulate the points (by ordering & by sharing) and when you are at the TOP on the Leaderboard you would get a chance to be access to LIFETIME free food from Foodinger.


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