#TGGF – The Intro

We have come up with something as interesting as a media gossip And as overwhelming as the latest cricket update on a match between India & Pakistan!!

Yeah peeps!!

We are not kidding at all, FOODINGER has come up with an offer in which you get a chance to win LIFETIME FREE FOOD FROM US.. I suppose this is one the finest offers you might have ever come across and we are not kidding at all, neither it is the month of April!!

So sit back and start ordering food from Foodinger.in, because every time you order from us, you straight away get points (which you can redeem at any point of time), start accumulating points and be the part of this game & maintain the position and you will get a chance to get free food for lifetime..


Does that sound a little difficult, ooh we have one more option from our OFFERS KA PITARA for you to increase the number of points, just you share you unique code with you friends and once they place an order and there you go!! He/She gets ₹51 off and you straight away get points equals to 50% of his total amount.. Isn’t it Great!! So come and be a part of this GAME!!


P.S: *for husbands
Don’t miss this chance, coz if you become a winner of this game, trust me you are going to thank us later coz there would be no nagging afterwards when that unexpected guest visits your house and your wife hates cooking!!

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